Welcome to Trans-Pacific Sales

Trans-Pacific Sales Company was established in 1993 to provide reliable access to Asian snack components. Traditional Asian snacks are offered in their original and Westernized configurations for full container load sales, made to order and direct from the factory.

Prices are competitive and quality is assured by our frequent visits to the factory and the local staff. All products are certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, Halal and HAACP. A certificate of analysis for each item in an order can be supplied.

Trans-Pacific Sales Company provides the following products:

Nut Snax (cereal coated and baked nuts)
Peanut Snax (oblong and round shape, Flavors: Original, Cajun Devil, Curry, Chinese Cajun, Red Hot, Wasabi, Seaweed and Sesame), Cashew Nut Snax, ,Japanese Style Nut Snax (Flavors: Pepper Ball, Big Red, Cracked Red, Cracked Green, Sesame and Salt and Big Sesame.)
Many other flavors and variations are possible. We only require a sample to replicate something unique to your market. Mixtures of individual items are also offered.

Asian Snax
Peas (Roasted and salted Original and all Natural green peas), Wasabi peas (Original, Japanese style, Natural green peas), Broad Beans (Lima beans, Oil roasted and salted both in shell and shelled)

Ingredients and Nutritional Information: Please see individual product specification sheet.